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#PhillyMusicRoom is a new series bringing guest DJs and brands to the forefront of local nightlife. This immersive experience connects partygoers with the unique artistry of influential talent from across the country. Mailing List Sign-Up: http://eepurl.com/mw1zD


Located a 1/2 block from Temple University’s main campus, Pub Webb Live is a beautifully intimate hub of music and culture, superior sound and elegant decor. Centered in the burgeoning Templetown neighborhood, just off of the ever-expanding Avenue of the Arts along North Broad Street, Philadelphia’s newest live concert space is already expanding possibilities for local music, comedy and nightlife.
The newly renovated site features a quaint upstairs lounge and private backstage green room, in addition to the live venue’s cathedral ceilings, which house charming balcony-style walkways ideal for the VIP treatment, party-rocking DJs, and videographers looking to capture the excitement of the many crowds that are sure to come…

Website: http://pubwebb.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/pubwebb
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pubwebb
Instagram: http://instagram.com/pubwebb


With a team of experienced personnel, the company officially launched August 14, 2012, with the successful Pier Entertainment Artist Showcases, featuring “5 Genres / 1 Night.” The Pier Entertainment Spring Music Fest & Aftershow drew a sellout crowd of over 500 and included partners such as Uber, Earbombz and ReadySetHost.net. Executive produced by the label and management company, the one-of-a-kind events features a multi-genre lineup of the most buzzed artists from the region.
Pier Entertainment was founded by CEO Jon Pierre in 2012 as a cultivating ground for quality music and mutually engaging business relationships with artists.

Website: http://pierentertainment.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pierrecords
Instagram: http://instagram.com/pierentertainment
Facebook: http://facebook.com/pierentertainment

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